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Our Story

Finally, when the sun tucked behind the moon and blankets of dark covered the sky, hailed the moment of silence and serenity where Jen could unwind with Simper Goods.


Simper Goods was created by Jen Pezzolla on the fundamentals of simplicity, self-care and femininity.   “It was born out of my love of self-care rituals, all things simple yet whimsical and for sure beautiful scents….. “  In a world that is fast-paced and all-consuming, Simper Goods meticulously magnifies simple yet luxurious self-care rituals. Giving you something to simper about.

Scented candles to set the mood.  Pink bath salts to soak away your stress and to relax your body.   A luxurious oil and balm that illuminates a moment to set your intentions for the day, as it slowly sinks into your skin.  Fun and whimsical soaps that will make you smile with each use, leaving you content and happy.

Simper Goods was created with the intention of extending good vibes and peaceful energy into your home, body, and mind.  Nourishing and luxurious, restoring a new you.


smile or gesture in an affectedly coquettish, coy, or ingratiating manner.
(v) "she simpered, looking pleased with herself"
(n) “her simper glowed from across the room”